Your Parish Councillors

Pailton Parish Council covers the Civil Parish of Pailton. There are five members who are re-elected every four years.

On 22 August 2022, two councillors were co-opted on to the Council to replace Louise Boards who resigned in May and Philip Morris Jones who resigned in July.

The new councillors are:

Cllr David Towner of 75 Coventry Road, CV23 0QB, who has joined the Highways Working Group,

Cllr Andrew Dunkley of 24 Lutterworth Road, CV223 0QE

Your other Local Elected Representatives

Rugby Borough Council

Cllr Anthony Gillias
Tel: 01788 832698

Warwickshire County Council

Cllr Adrian Warwick

Member of Parliament

Rugby Constituency

Mark Pawsey MP
House of Commons

Tel: 020 7219 7136